7 Things About Hard Wax Beans You Don’t Know

Ouch! Uff! Aaahh! Almost every femme has her iconic screams during her hair removal sessions. And men too aren’t far behind on this screaming trend. Yet the irony of the situation is that you paid for it yourself. But why? Especially when you can easily have a much painless hair removal experience with Hard Wax Beans in the comfort of your own home. If it is the curiosity factor or that of naivety, keep reading to raze off all your hesitations.

What are Hard Wax Beans Made of?

Ever wondered what the Hard What are Wax Beans are made of? Not beeswax. Nothing sugary. They are made of Rosins, which are a natural form of different kinds of Resins. These Resins, on the other hand, are obtained from tree sources like pine, cedars, Junipers, etc. And since Rosins are a hardened and distilled form of resins, their anti-pathogenic property never lets them go out of duty. So you never have to worry about the expiry dates. Moreover, they are decked up with additional ingredients like Lavender, Chamomile, Rose, etc, just to make the experience more pleasant. Not to forget the nice fragrances! Plus, you will face little to no side effects unless you have some super sensitive skin conditions.

Totally Stripless and Easy To Use

Hard Waxing doesn’t need any paper or cotton strips to pull off the hair along with a layer of your skin. Just melt the hard wax beans in a wax warmer, and apply a layer on the required area with the help of a (preferably) wooden wax applicator. It melts at lower temperature and has a thick consistency, so no drips. Let it sit, cool and harden into a flexible plastic. Tap it on to check it once and then simply pull it off with your fingers. Voila! Hairless skin with no strips, no towels, and neither any sticky residue. In fact, hard wax pulls off even finer and shorter hairs, so reapplications are seldom required. So it is only the hair that you will lose, while hard wax beans save your skin.

Hard Wax Beans Can Go Places

Top, down, left, right, front or back – Hard Wax Beans can cover all the nooks and crannies of your body. And are also suitable for all skin types. It is absolutely safe to apply anywhere and everywhere. In fact, you don’t even have to bother about the direction of application, as in case of ordinary soft waxes. Besides, another great feature is that the hard wax clings to the hair and not the skin. So it is perfectly safe to apply even on sensitive bikini areas or face.

Much Less Painful

As mentioned in the point above, melted Hard Wax Beans do not stick to the skin but only the hair. And thus on removal, it’s only the hairs that face the forceful pull, while the skin is left unbothered. Thus it hurts much less than soft waxing, epilation, or even tweezing and threading. Furthermore, since the skin is not involved much, you won’t have rashes, irritation or any tingling sensation. And skin burns from waxing reapplication get a big NO! Because you can go on applying it multiple times without straining your skin with uncomfortable heat. Or peeling it off layer by layer. Tweezers (for leftover hair) will also go out of their job. Woohoo!

Reduces and Delays Regrowth

Using hard wax beans for hair removal comes with the additional benefit of thinner and delayed hair growth. That’s because it removes hair of all sizes, big and tiny, right from their follicles and from all angles. So visible reduction can be seen after a couple of uses and subsequent hair growth gets finer and fewer with time.
It’s Free Yoga

Yes, you read that right! Finding it hard to get time to exercise or go out for a walk? Your hair removal routine comes to your rescue! Applying hard wax on the face, legs, back, arms, etc, will make you move, bend, stretch and curve in all possible positions. So just add hard wax beans in your hair removal routine and off you go. While a warm-up session before waxing is advised, beware of straining your arms or ankles!

Won’t Cost a Fortune!

Definitely won’t. If you do the math right, you’ll see that it will cost even lesser than your monthly waxing sessions at the salon. For instance, you can buy complete Mello Home Wax kit containing Wax warmer, Mello wax (150gm) and applicator for just around AUD 60. Your subsequent expenses (after every 30-40 days) will involve around AUD 35 for 150gm hard wax beans. On the other hand, at a descent Salon, you spend around AUD 45 for only a full face waxing, forget the body.

So to conclude – Hard Wax Beans are definitely easy on your pocket and skin, apart from their many benefits and to enjoy them all, you gotta give it a shot. Try it soon!


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