Gemstone Folklore: Myths and Legends

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For centuries, vivid tales surrounded gems ascribing mystical powers, divine origins and protective properties. While these captivating stories drifting to myth today, remnants of gemstone lore still influence our fascination and selection of special pieces like engagement rings Manchester jewelers craft.

According to Hindu mythology, beautiful gems formed from the splinters of a fallen star and scattered across the earth. Ruby’s crimson color echoed the blood of Loki in Norse legends. Diamonds were said to originate from Greek gods’ lightning bolts or starlit dewdrops.

Ancient cultures believed gems harnessed astrological influences. Garnets warded off nightmares, amethysts cured intoxication. Burmese warriors inserted rubies into battle wounds to gain courage and speedy healing. 

Romantic traditions held slipping an emerald under a lover’s pillow would reveal their true affections. Sapphires signified sincerity, sparking proposals by medieval aristocrats. Emeralds denoted fertility, making them favored by expectant mothers.

Biblical scriptures described opals turning all colors and beaming with fire. In Europe, their shifty flashes associated them with luck – both good and bad. Victorians viewed them as symbols of hope and purity.

Of course, most magical properties lack scientific basis today. But something mystical still draws us to gems’ luminous beauty. We instinctively attribute higher meaning to their luminosity, longevity and allure.

Whether fanciful lore or human fascination, the stories we wrap gems in echo our longing for meaning and connection. Manchester couples choosing engagement rings still yearn for magic, amulets of love engraved with new stories – protective talismans for the adventures ahead.  



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