How Do I Choose a Tattoo and Decide Where to Place It?

You are the only one who can decide what design and where you want your tattoo to be. Your tattoo artist can help you decide the best size and location for your design, while also taking into account your tolerance to pain. The tattoo artist may also suggest better placements based on the design and how it will fit with your anatomy. You can choose a design that you like, and personalize it with your own touch, or the tattoo artist can create a custom design for you.

What Should I Do Before Visiting a Studio?

Prepare yourself physically before you visit the tattoo studio. Eat a balanced meal to start. It is important to maintain blood sugar levels so that you have steady energy during the tattooing session. Avoid nausea or discomfort by choosing a nourishing, but not heavy meal. Drink plenty of water before the session to stay hydrated. You’ll be more comfortable and your skin will look better for the tattoo. Bring some small snacks like candy, particularly if your session is going to be longer. They can be especially helpful if you feel faint, or need an energy boost in order to deal with any discomfort caused by the tattooing process.

How Should I Take Care of My New Tattoo?

Follow the instructions for aftercare provided by your tattoo artist. It is important to keep the tattoo clean and apply ointment. Avoid sun exposure. Do not submerge the tattoo.

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