Top 10 Types Of Jeans For Women In 2023

When we think about wardrobe staples, a pair of jeans is forever present on the list. The classic emerged way back in 1878 for metal workers. But since then, it has turned itself into a must for every girl out there. Jeans have evolved over the years into various styles. From the sexy skinny to the comfortable straight fit, there is something for everyone. They were a major part of the hippie movement in the 70s as well where they became a symbol of rebellion. The different types of jeans for women have made their place with every sub-culture and have been a part of almost all fashion movements. This is truly a remarkable feat for any garment and speaks to its true versatility of it. 

Be it Carrie Bradshaw who glamorized the staple to the Princess of Wales who always stuck to her blue denim, jeans have been a part of everyone’s lives. So, with all this in mind, we are sure you want to explore all the different types of jeans for women. Well, with this blog, we are here to tell you about the types of jeans for women. We know that you will try them all out and stick to what is best for you. So, here are the Styl Inc-approved types of jeans for women in 2023. 

Different Types Of Jeans For Women In 2023

Straight Leg Jeans

Don’t we all love jeans that fit just right? They are snug at the hips, just right at your thighs and go down straight for comfort. We all love the perfect fit that highlights our shape. But skinny jeans are quite popular for being outrageously uncomfortable. Let us not even get to the super skinny fit that was popular for a while. So what does a girl do that perfect fit? Well, we just search for straight-fit types of jeans for women! Straight-leg jeans are one of those kinds of pants that never go out of style. They will forever be trendy and will consistently serve you with the French girl chic style. Additionally, they are the easiest to style up and style down. Like all jeans, they lend themselves easel for a day of grocery shopping but also a night out. So girls, definitely make these jeans a part of your wardrobe as soon as possible. 

Bootcut Types Of Jeans For Women

Popularized in the widely famous hippie era of the 70s, bootcut jeans were reserved for countrymen of the wild west. However, one rebellious movement turned this cut into a symbol of peace and freedom. Quite popularly known as mom jeans for a while, bootcut types of jeans for women are now a must for every woman’s wardrobe. There are of course a few modernizations that took place for this. The new boot cut is rather tapered compared to the classic original. This gives the garment a more sophisticated feel appropriate for multiple places and events. They show off your figure with a snug fit to the knees and a slight flare from the calves. They give a phenomenally curvy look to everyone.

Flared Jeans For Women

Flared and wide-leg jeans are a more relaxed cut compared to boot-cut jeans. This fit flares out from the waistband down to the end of the trousers. These jeans lie somewhere between a bootcut and a bell bottom style trouser. They were quite popular in the nineties. So, with the resurgence of 90s fashion trends, flared jeans are making a comeback. These jeans look best on curvy body types. But if you have a slim waist, these pants can add some volume around your hips to add more balance.

High Rise Jeans

Currently, the popular fashion, high-rise jeans are a favourite of many girls. They provide an unbelievable amount of comfort and support. Additionally, they hide and smoothen all the small lumps and bumps that we often wish to hide. The best part? High-rise types of jeans for women add length to your legs, making you look taller. So, these jeans are perfect for petite girls or girls who have comparatively longer torsos.

Low Rise Types Of Jeans For Women

With the revival of nineties fashion trends and the long-time stay of high-rise jeans, a change was expected. And what was that trend you ask? Well, the re-emergence of the low rise. Low-rise types of jeans for women are being seen on runways globally. We can assure you that in a couple of months, they will hit the racks like a tsunami. And why not? They define the natural curves and proportions of your body with very little effort. So it’s time to flaunt those hips.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are another must-have in our wardrobes. They are called so because they look like they were borrowed from your boyfriend. However, the fit of these types of jeans for women has improved over time. They are now considered quite fashionable yet comfortable. These jeans have a snug fit near the waist and hips and broaden just a little as they move down. This makes it an extremely comfortable yet cool fit.

Cropped Jeans For Women

Amongst the many types of jeans for women out there, a popular option is cropped jeans. Cropped trousers or jeans are pants that end a little above the ankles. In many cases, they end up being culottes as well. However, they do not quite fall into the space of capris. They are considered to be quite cool for young girls. Additionally, you can style these jeans in multiple ways.

Distressed Jeans

We all love a slight tilt towards rebellion in our fashion. That is exactly what distressed jeans provide us. Also known as ripped jeans, these pairs of pants can be customized or bought with whatever amount of distress you want. They are perfect for casual events like concerts and will leave an impression. 

Slim Fit Jeans

Slim-fit jeans are the middle ground between skinny jeans and straight jeans. They have slight taper inwards like skinny jeans but are not that fit. They allow for more movement and comfort. 

Skinny Types Of Jeans For Women

The infamous skinny jeans were quite popular for a while. However, nowadays they are equivalent to the devil. Skinny jeans are for women who love to flaunt their figure and toned legs. They are tight and hg your body around the waist, hips and legs. So they were often preferred for night outs. However, they have now lost their appeal because of the discomfort you get when you wear them. 

This was our list of the different types of jeans for women in 2023. For any assistance regarding wedding or personal styling, contact us at Styl-Inc and our team of expert stylists will get in touch with you. Stay tuned to Styl-Inc blogs for more wedding styling tips and tricks.

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