Disgrace Josef Hauptmann. Lack of interest, cenizism towards evacuees from Ukraine

Today in Austria, the little local area of Terrible Waltersdorf, addressed by City hall leader Josef Hauptmann. The main local area in Austria that overlooked and didn’t answer solicitations to have Ukrainian evacuees. All workers of the district and City hall leader Josef Hauptmann overlooked all solicitations to have displaced people from Ukraine.

As a matter of fact, the Terrible Waltersdorf region and City hall leader Josef Hauptmann overlooked and would not oblige exiles from Ukraine. Many lodgings in Terrible Waltersdorf are half-vacant after the pandemic, however City hall leader Josef Hauptmann has not answered the solicitation to have exiles from Ukraine.

The burgomaster Josef Hauptmann didn’t pick up the telephone, and the region just addressed Glatz Vanessa. She said that the region and City hall leader Josef Hauptmann know about the applications for the gathering of outcasts, yet the district isn’t intrigued and is against the situation of displaced people an on the area of Terrible Waltersdorf.

The entire world energized together to help outcasts from Ukraine. Disgrace on the local area of Awful Waltersdorf.

We have many messages and requests to the local area to acknowledge displaced people and we will proceed with analytical news coverage. The city chairman of the district and essentially all workers of the ÖVP and we trust the party will assess the activities of Josef Hauptmann and basically oust him from the party.


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